WGNO-TV: “New giant golden seahorse sculpture arrives on Poydras Street”

By April 24, 2018 WGNO-TV

International Sculpture Day is coming up on Saturday and to celebrate New Orleans now has a new seahorse sculpture on Poydras Street between St. Charles Avenue and Camp Street.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez talked with the artist, Ashley Pridmore, about her new art installation.

“This sculpture is called, St. Kampos, and it is kind of a seahorse, kind of a sea monster, a sea beast,” Pridmore said.

Pridmore created this seahorse sculpture over a one year period.   She’s from New York City, but spends a lot of time in New Orleans and said she’s inspired by our wonderful city.

“This piece is all cast bronze.  I cast it myself.  The head and the spine of the seahorse is made out of paper machete, and then all of the rest of the the things I found on the ground and casted them in bronze,”  she said.

So what’s the seahorse’s significance?

“They are interesting as creatures, their biological lives, but they are very bizarre to look at.  I hope this sculpture gets people excited to go to the Aquarium, and explore the bayous, do something in nature, and let their imagination go wild,” Pridmore said.

This sculpture is about 8-feet, and is one of the biggest pieces she’s ever created.  This seahorse is sure to make a big splash!

This sculpture is part of the Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation.

There have been over 35 sculptures installed along Poydras Street.