WDSU-TV special presentation: ‘A Space on the Canvas’ celebrates African-American artists.

By October 17, 2017 WDSU-TV

This one-of-a-kind documentary goes inside the landmark exhibition which recently debuted at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. The traveling exhibit, “Solidary & Solitary,” showcases the art collection of Pamela Joyner and her husband, Fred Giuffrida, who are devoted to re-framing art history.

The exhibit displays art from modern African-American abstract artists from the 1940s to the present day who Joyner and others believe have not received proper recognition because of race and societal prejudices of recent eras.

WDSU’s special presentation, “A Space on the Canvas,” explores this unique exhibit to tell the story of social struggle and change through the eyes (and paint brushes) of African-American artists.

“A Space on the Canvas is a journey of rediscovery,” said WDSU President and General Manager Joel Vilmenay, “This special is about celebrating the full spectrum of art and to ensure that all the wonderful, talented artists who have contributed have their rightful place in art history.”

The exhibit, “Solidary & Solitary,” will be shown at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art through Jan. 21. The exhibit will then travel to other selected locations throughout the United States.


Watch the full documentary on the WDSU-TV website.