Three Ways

Kennedy Yanko



Kennedy Yanko is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist working primarily with found objects and paint. Her formal gesture towards material is balanced by her examination of the paradoxes within perception.

Since debuting sculptures from her “Elements and Skin” collection as part of a Derrick Adams-curated group show, “Hidden in Plain Sight” (Jenkins Johnson Project Space Brooklyn, NY, 2017), Yanko has shown regularly at galleries and fairs domestically and internationally. Her work belongs to the JP Morgan Chase Collection, and the collections of Beth Rudin deWoody, and Helyn Goldenberg. In 2018, Yanko was named “Artist of the Week” during Armory Week by Milk Magazine and profiled by Vice. She exhibited in Cry of Victory and Short Walks to Freedom as part of Hank Willis Thomas’ national For Freedoms project, and was a part of Parallels and Peripheries at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. In 2019, Yanko’s solo shows include Highly Worked (Denny Dimin Gallery, NY), Hannah (Kavi Gupta, Chicago), and Before Words (UICA, Grand Rapids). Each of these shows reveals the gravity of abstraction and its utility as an intuitive tool in understanding present realities.