“Long-lost Lynda Benglis sculpture ‘The Wave’ headed to City Park”

After almost three decades in storage at Kenner’s former sewage treatment plant, an avant-garde sculpture by the world-renowned artist Lynda Benglis is going back on display. The 19-foot-tall bronze fountain, named “The Wave (The Wave of the World),” will be installed at City Park in New Orleans as early as June, a Kenner official said Friday (May 1).

“The Wave” debuted at the 1984 world’s fair in New Orleans. But after its extended showing there, it was left to deteriorate at the Kenner plant, open to the elements, its only admirers the municipal employees who passed by it to pick up equipment.

Now, however, Kenner has forged an agreement to loan it for four years to the Helis Foundation, a New Orleans philanthropic group that focuses on the arts. The foundation has agreed to pay all costs of storage, transportation and display in City Park, said Debra Miller Yenni, an assistant city attorney in Kenner.

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