Bob Tannen’s “The Endless Picnic” Joins The Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition

From 2013-2016, Poydras St. commuters, local art enthusiasts and visitors got to know “Savoy” by Baton Rouge’s Martin Payton. The blue steel turtle patterned sculpture was one of the first installed as part of the project in 2013 on the corner of Poydras and Loyola. “Savoy” rotated out of The Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation in August of 2016, with the work of local sculptor Bob Tannen joining as replacement.

“The Endless Picnic” by Bob Tannen is partly based on “The Endless Column,” a public sculpture by Constantin Brancusi designed in a Romanian park. Brancusi has long been an important inspiration for Tannen, dating back to his days as a young, 17 year old artist making piled driftwood sculptures on the beaches of Coney Island, NY. “The Endless Picnic” will stand 20’ tall, consisting of picnic tables strategically stacked on top of each other.