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Gambit: “Blake Pontchartrain: Sculpture for New Orleans outdoor art project”

Hey Blake,

I noticed that the sculptures of the two women in bathing suits on Poydras Street have been taken down. Is there any reason for this?


Dear Mitchel,

Those amazingly lifelike sculptures of two female swimmers, perched on Poydras Street in just their swimsuits and caps, have caused many a downtown passerby to do a double take since they were installed in April 2015…

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Nola.com: “Giant bird sculptures land on Poydras Street”

A small flock of very large birds landed on a desolate stretch of Poydras Street Thursday morning (June 2). The 25-ft-tall great horned owl, the 18-foot falcon, and the similarly sized red tailed hawk, crow and pigeon are sculptures by Boston artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, who call themselves The Myth Makers…

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