ExhibitThe Helis Foundation

Artwork in The Jazz & Heritage Art Collection Sponsored by The Helis Foundation

Paintings, Drawings, and Etchings:

Marcus Akinlana: Trumpet Player

Aron Belka: Doreen

Willie Birch: I can still hear Buddy Bolden play

Lizzy Carlson: Shirley & Lee

Ralph Chabaud: Dave Bartholomew

William Crowell: Ellis

Ulrick Jean-Piere: Louis Armstrong

E Paul Julien: Loui

Varion Laurant: Deacon John

Dona Lief: Tryptic: Troy, James and Glen David Andrews

Vidho Lorville: Once Marie Laveau pass by Bourbon

Molly Magwire: Spy Boy

Karen Ocker: Circle Dance

Karen Ocker: Piano Players

Larry Nevil: Young Musician

Mario Padilla: Second Line, Tales II

Gina Phillips: Fats Domino

George Schmidt: Jack Lewis Band Lining Up at the Rex Parade, 1915

George Schmidt: Louis Armstrong as King Zulu, 1949 NOLA

Maria Page: 1978 Mardi Gras Indian

Emily Rhys: Roots of Music Cemetery Second Line

Noel Rockmore: George Wein and the Eureka Brass Band

Herb Roe: Jour des fantomes

Ayo Scott: Feasting with Ms…

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