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Associated Press: “5 new New Orleans murals in walkable area”

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Five new murals are up or going up in New Orleans, within walking distance of each other. Organizers say it’s the first phase of a project to bring the vibrancy of the city’s art scene outside gallery walls.

The murals include a huge painting of an African American man holding up a child above the stylized word “SURVIVE.” Another is planned as a detailed, life-sized architectural drawing of a mid-19th century shotgun house. Two murals are abstract…

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The New Orleans Advocate: “Up against a wall: ‘Unframed’ mural project goes big in CBD”

Street art in New Orleans has come a long way over the years — and is more visible today than ever.

This weekend, the already vibrant New Orleans street art scene will receive a new infusion of color and creativity with the unveiling Saturday of five large-scale murals in the CBD and Warehouse Districts as part of the “Unframed” project.

A project of the Arts Council New Orleans, “Unframed” is presented by The Helis Foundation and features work by four New Orleans-based artists along with one team from Poland…

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OffBeat Magazine: “Five New Murals To Be Unveiled In New Orleans, Including Art From B-Mike”

On Saturday, June 1, five large-scale murals will be unveiled in Downtown New Orleans. Presented by the Helis Foundation, the murals — collectively titled “Unframed” – are a project spearheaded by the Arts Council New Orleans and the first multi-mural exhibition of large scale artwork in Downtown New Orleans.

The Arts Council of New Orleans put out an open call for Unframed, receiving hundreds of submissions from local artists. As a result, two of the five new murals are dedicated to the local artists who competed…

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