Macaroni Kid: “Young Audiences of Louisiana Baby Artsplay!(TM) Presented by The Helis Foundation”

By October 3, 2017 Macaroni Kid
This free workshop is the perfect opportunity for caregivers to integrate purposeful activities into their child’s playtime that support their cognitive, physical, and social development. Research shows, and parents confirm, that multi-sensory approaches to learning help young children create deeper, more meaningful connections with the world around them. Baby Artsplay!™ will engage children and their caregivers in joyful and easy to replicate multisensory experiences that help children reach developmental milestones, while immersed in New Orleans’ art and cultural institutions. While the program is ideal for 1-2 years of age, children a bit younger and a bit older can benefit as well. All attendees will receive a free Baby Artsplay!™ gift bag!  In October 3rd’s “Let’s Move” workshop, learning is enhanced through movement with music, dance and drama. Join the fun for a firsthand experience that you and your child can replicate for months to come.

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