Gambit: “The Magnolia Ball at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art”

By June 6, 2018 Gambit

Jessie Schott Haynes on her party outfit: “What’s critical for the Magnolia Ball is something cool, breezy and summery. The party has a very eclectic style.”

The 2018 Magnolia Ball is 9 p.m. to midnight, Saturday, June 9 at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. The event will honor the exhibit The Whole Drum Will Sound: Women in Southern Abstraction, on view through July 22. The party also features live music and DJ sets from some talented locals, such as The Original Pinettes Brass Band and DJ RedStylez. There will be food and cocktails from 20 vendors, including Chais Delachaise, Marjie’s Grill, Meauxbar, Saba and Taceaux Loceaux, and both snacks and libations are included in the price of admission. Tickets start at $75 for members and $150 for non-members.

Now that you’ve got your ticket (we gave you a few minutes), it’s time to decide what to wear. Meet the chairs of the 2018 Magnolia Ball — they chatted with Gambit about their love of the arts and showed off their outfits. Read on for some fashion inspo from some cool locals (and answers to a few silly questions for fun).

Jessie Schott Haynes, managing director of the Helis Foundation

After majoring in art history in college and “a little detour” to law school, Haynes began working with the Helis Foundation, a private family-owned foundation that promotes arts access and charitable giving across New Orleans. Perhaps the organization’s biggest community outreach program is Art for All, which sponsors the weekly free days for Louisiana residents at the anchor art institutions in the city, including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Haynes brings a lot of enthusiasm and behind-the-scenes knowledge to the planning committee — not only is she an avid patron and professional of the arts, but also is an Ogden trustee and chair of the nominating and governance committee. She’s proud of the work she and the other chairs have done for the event, such as curating more than 50 auction items (many by female artists) for the silent auction, but she says it’s a team effort among the chairs and the museum’s event and fundraising staff.

Gambit: Describe your sense of style.
JSH: I love vintage (but) I can’t deny my preppy roots. I love to (wear) fun accessories and things I find while traveling.

G: Do you have a personal fashion “must”?
JSH: A gel nail manicure in a fun color, plenty of options for fun eyeglasses and statement earrings.

G: A fashion no-no?
JSH: I’ve had the same haircut since I was in first grade, so a fashion no-no for me is “do not derail from the bob with the bangs.” … I also never wear body con, although I admire people that can.

G: Who’s your style icon?
JSH: Iris Apfel. She can do too much — I appreciate that in a person.

G: Favorite cocktail?
JSH: A Pimm’s Cup. It’s so refreshing, especially right now because it’s so hot.

G: Did you ever audition to be the Rosenberg’s girl for Rosenberg’s Furniture store?
JSH: No! I didn’t know they had open calls! (Sings, “Rosenberg’s, Rosenberg’s, 1825 Tuuuu-lane …”)

G: Can you sing The 12 Yats of Christmas by Benny Grunch & the Bunch?
JSH: Close — I know it better than The 12 Days of Christmas.

G: Favorite Roman candy flavor?
JSH: Strawberry. … I saw the (horse-drawn) cart going across the street the other day.


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